To combat severe dehydration and sweat loss HYDRALYTE is formulated in the U.S.A. with the perfect balance of sodium, potassium and glucose that works as a water replacement and hydrates the body immediately.

Hard work, stress and heat are the perfect recipe for intense thirst. Heat and physical exertion increases the body temperature; to maintain that the body produces sweat, which is made up of water and electrolytes. If electrolytes are lost too quickly, the body does not have the ability to restore them as rapidly as they were lost.

This isotonic formula contains electrolytes that match the body’s fluids, similar to an IV. Introducing electrolytes to the body helps rapidly absorb, replenish & protect you from the common dehydration and heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion, heat stroke and muscle cramps. Dehydration can become a very serious problem if not attended to.

Produced in Europe, Hydralyte Hydration Drink is now available in the U.A.E and the Middle East.

You work hard, HYDRALYTE will work harder.

When the heat is on, drink HYDRALYTE Electrolyte to cool you down.

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