Cemo Fuel Trolley, our mobile and stationary petrol tank systems can guarantee you the storage and handling of petrol for indoor and outdoor use in accordance with your requirements. With high quality, tested materials and clever CEMO-only extras, customers rely on us all over the world. For our "Made in Germany” company, the issue of safety is of the highest priority. Find out more about our safe fuelling systems for petrol engines - and about CEMO fuel trolley.

With capacities of 400, 600 or 980 litres, the KS MOBIL is designed for indoor and outdoor refuelling. With a double-walled, explosion pressure shock-resistant steel wall, the KS MOBIL is a convincing stationary and mobile petrol tank system. The approval is unlimited in time. The all-rounder is also approved in water protection areas and for transportation in accordance with ADR. On request, our KS MOBIL is also available for use with bio-ethanol.

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