BAND-IT’s realization of success comes from the commitment to understanding the properties of steel and how the transformation from raw material to steel fasteners functions and “breathes” on a molecular level. That level of intimacy drives BAND-IT to create and design solutions for all market needs including harsh duty applications where there is no tolerance for failure and lives are on the line.

When compared to other joining methods like threaded fasteners, spot welds, tack welds, rivets or nails, band clamps possess several inherent strengths and benefits. Unlike other joining methods where the point of attachment is often just a point, significantly altering the items being joined, band clamps spread their clamping force out across the full perimeter or contact area of the items they are joining. This allows the joint to be formed without alteration of the items being joined.

To the world, stainless steel fastening clamps appear simple and straightforward. At BAND-IT, our love affair for fastening goes deep into understanding the mechanical necessities required for global applications. We work behind the appearance to engineer our products for maximum performance and functionality so the world can fasten with confidence. Because of our commitment and dedication, we have aligned with many industries worldwide to engineer custom banding solutions that are tailor-made for their specific application. Let BAND-IT design a tailor-made solution for your next harsh-duty application.

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